Vodka? Made from Milk?

Black Cow Vodka

West Dorset dairy farmer, Jason Barber, invented Black Cow Vodka after learning about the Tuva, a nomadic Siberian tribe, who for many centuries have been distilling Araka vodka made from fermented mares’ milk. Keen to diversify the produce from his 250 strong dairy herd, he set about the challenge of producing a vodka using the milk from his own cows.

Black Cow is the world’s first pure milk vodka, made entirely from the milk of the grass grazed cows at Barber’s farm, Seaborough Manor, which Jason took over from his father in 2000.  It was launched in May 2012 and is made from the same milk that is used to make Barber’s 1833 cheddar, winner of the World Cheese Awards Cheddar Trophy 2012.  The milk is separated into curds and whey. The curds are used to make the cheese; the whey is fermented into a beer using special yeast that converts the milk sugar into alcohol. The milk beer is then distilled, specially blended, triple filtered and finished.  The vodka is then hand bottled.  Every batch makes around 3,000 bottles.

Crisp and fresh in character with a soft finish and creamy texture, this is our new standard for a pre-prandial Vodka and Tonic.


Black Cow Vodka

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