The Kids are Alright…


Over recent years there has been a growing interest in Goat’s milk in the UK and so consequently, the numbers of nannies (female goats) being milked has increased dramatically.  Sadly, nearly all the dairy farms in the UK view Billy Kids as a waste by-product with little or no value or use.

Although Kid Meat may not be a staple on the British menu it is a tasty, healthy and sustainable red meat. It is becoming more popular and those who have tried it are converted, many describing it as being very similar to spring lamb.  And believe it or not it has been said that Goat Meat is the most widely eaten meat in the world!

“Just Kidding” is a Gloucestershire based company who purvey quality Cotswold kid meat, using billy kids that would otherwise have been dispatched at birth. Lizzie Dyer set up the business in 2013 after discovering that all the Kid Meat in circulation was coming predominately from Paris – madness! As well as the meat the Lizzie and her friend Ellie are using the Kids Skins to create products such as rugs, wallets and handbags. They are even working with Harris Tweed to make some 100% luxury British products.

All the Billies that are raised on the farm arrive from one High Health Status dairy farm. They arrive often at a week old and are kept on milk for six weeks.  As soon as the Billies are weaned off milk they are moved to a new building that allows them access to pasture.  At this stage – unless it is very cold – they are completely free range and come and go as they please.  Goats in general are rather mischievous and very inquisitive but Kids are even worse so they simply love playing and getting into trouble.  They are given plenty to climb on and play with to try to keep them from getting bored!

So how does this sound – Cotswold Kid Goat served with Cavolo Nero, Butternut Squash and Ras el Hanout accompanied by a Herder’s Pie and just to finish the dish perfectly a bottle of Lebanese Massaya Gold wine – Simply delicious!

Anyway I shall stop bleating on why not come and taste it for yourself or head over to too see the latest with Lizzie and the Kids!

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