Spring has Sprung

Lumiere Restaurant, Cheltenham

Seasonality very much seems to be a buzzword in the hospitality industry at the moment, but what does it actually mean? How many times do we need to see asparagus on a Christmas menu months after they are out of season? Well the British season at least!

Our menus are solely driven by the seasons; what I can buy, when I can buy it and as such our menu never stands still.  They are always evolving, a change of fish variety here and a new vegetable garnish there. Building a relationship with the farmer down the road who grows the most amazing vegetables, or the fisherman who goes out daily never knowing what, if anything, he will return home with is the key to finding these hidden gems.

I speak to our suppliers daily; finding the best produce every single day and discovering what is about to come in or go out of season. There is always something new and exciting to be had or a memory to be jogged, after all with the abundance of ingredients available to us there is always something new to learn.

March & April have to be some of the most exciting months where fresh produce is concerned, spring really does spring everything into life. From a chef’s point of view, gone are the heavy root vegetables, sticky sauces, braised meats and in comes a lightness and freshness- a rebirth of all the ingredients we love. So it is more a case of where do we start? Jersey Royals, fantastic British shellfish, beautiful mackerel, sardines, sea trout and not forgetting April’s wonderfully sweet, new season lamb…. The list could go on.


When the produce is so good creating a meal is simple. A starter of sparklingly fresh grilled mackerel with warm crushed Jersey Royals and peppery roquette leaves.

New season lamb, pink and succulent– there’s nothing like the smell of it roasting with rosemary and garlic served with purple sprouting.

Or beautifully, pan fried sea trout simple served with samphire tossed in butter and black pepper with a wonderful citrus bite of sorrel butter sauce.

All finished off with a warm, unctuous rice pudding with poached rhubarb. Delicious!

All available right now, in season so why look anywhere else? We don’t want asparagus from Peru, broad beans from the freezer and Spanish berries, what we want is fresh, seasonal & British.

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