New Editions to the Restaurant

Lumiere Table 2015

We thought it was about time that the walls of the Lumiere had a splash more colour and after many deliberations we have chosen two pieces of art from the artist Peter. J. Rodgers
Peter, who lives and paints in his studio in Jesmond, Newcastle, trained as a commercial artist in the 1960’s at Sunderland Art College and had a successful career in advertising and design for over 40 years. His painting heavily features the north of England and he often takes inspiration from childhood memories of Newcastle Quayside with his father.
Peter’s distinctive style brings to life cities ranging from New York to Newcastle with a population of rain-swept, umbrella toting figures hurrying along slick pavements which reflect the lights of the city back out of the canvas. His powerful and evocative paintings present a world filled with reflections and shadows.
Rodgers tends to use watercolours as opposed to any other medium he says:

“Watercolour is my favourite medium, although perhaps unusually I prefer to use strong, bold colours. I find it a more exciting and less predictable medium than others. It lends itself to the subjects I paint with its fluidity and transparent qualities making it ideal for rainy streets and dark reflections. Atmosphere is hugely important to me and watercolours allow me to create the mood I’m looking for”


The pieces that we have chosen are both of Cheltenham landmarks; The Town Hall “Town Hall Reception” and The Pittville Pump Room “Evening by the Lake”. The full Cheltenham collection was personally unveiled by Peter at the Cheltenham Whitewall Gallery in 2013. The collection consists of 16 pieces, 3 of which were put into print. Our two pieces compliment the purple undertones of the restaurant beautifully so please do come and enjoy them alongside your dinner.
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