Lumiere Table 2015Helen and I brought Lumière in January 2009 right in the middle of the recession. Our dream was to create a restaurant that we would love to go to; with a stylish but relaxed atmosphere, where the staff were passionate about their work and, of course, where the food was fantastic.

Our preference has always been to use fantastic fresh, seasonal food delivered daily from local farms, regional suppliers and markets to create a short inspirational menu that changes frequently to make the most of the fresh produce available to us. Jon’s beautifully presented food is focused firmly on great ingredients and bold flavours with an interesting use of unusual ingredients and combinations. We make everything in house; from the canapés to the bread, the ice cream to the chocolates, but not because we just like to say its “homemade” but because we want to give our customers the best we possibly can and an experience that will stay with them for a long time.

Running a restaurant is not just about the food (or so Helen keeps telling me!). It’s also about offering hospitality and giving our customers, a memorable, relaxed time in comfortable surroundings by a knowledgeable, small team who understand how to make a meal into an experience that you won’t forget. We hope its clear that the menu and wine list are put together by people who don’t do this for the corporate bottom line, but people who care about the quality of the final product and have true passion for their work. Our staff are a huge part of what we do at Lumière, we have a very young, local team – our average age is just under 24. We spend a lot of our time with staff training & development; It is important to us to encourage young people into our industry as a career, not just a part time job to see them through college.

All the idolism a side, what we have created after 4 years is a sound business with a solid customer base, both local & national. The business has turned a profit every year, which is not unremarkable in the current economic climate but has also allowed us to recently complete a complete kitchen refurbishment complete with state-of-the-art induction range, refrigeration systems, appliances, flooring & electrics all of which lower our carbon footprint & will make us restaurant more sustainable for the future – I’ll tell you all about it at a later date.


Address: Lumière, Clarence Parade, Cheltenham. Gloucestershire. GL50 3PA

Telephone: (01242) 222200