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Australian Truffle

Truffles are no stranger to our menu here at Lumiere and so ensuring the best quality is essential.
We work with Wiltshire Truffles who first found a truffle on their land in 2004 completely by accident! Since then the truffles have spread around the farm and appear to be more plentiful year on year. The land is at a top secret location and has been visited by the likes of BBC Countryfile and Country Life Magazine, all of whom have been blindfolded and/or signed confidentiality agreements in order to protect the land and quality of the truffles.
The truffle season in the UK will start again around late August and so typically restaurant menus omit truffles in the summer months… but good news has arrived! While waiting for the UK Truffle season to start again, the Wiltshire team have travelled down under and have set up an exclusive partnership with a farm in Manjimup in Western Australia and so the taste of the finest winter truffles is available all year round. They have been hailed by the likes of Heston Blumenthal as being better than French truffles in taste and consistency and are said to be one of the biggest gastronomic sensations of recent years!

This perfect partnership between the two sides of the world, means that the wonderful intoxicating flavours and aromas of winter truffles can be paired with the fresh, vibrant European summer ingredients, allowing chefs to create consistently divine dishes – a treat not to be missed!
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