An Introduction to Massaya Wines

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Here at Lumiere we try our best to keep the wine list varied, interesting and as up to date with the latest that producers have as we can.

One producer that is starting 2016 with a bang is Massaya, some of you will remember Sami from a rather interesting Wine Tasting dinner we held a couple of years ago.

Massaya is a producer from Lebanon and came about 20 years ago when the Ghosn family returned home after having to flee during the civil war. After their return the first task was to revive the distillery and resume the production of spirit Arak. However the family soon realised that they needed to bring in experienced partners in order to continue to grow. The support of Dominique Hebrard from Bordeaux and the Brunier brothers Frederic and Daniel from Chateauneuf du Pape proved to be crucial. Their knowledge of terroir and the techniques of blending wines brought a new level of expertise to Massaya which quickly became a recognised name among Lebanon’s wine producers. Over the next 12 years the business grew and its reputation spread from the domestic to the international market. The range of wines was expanded and the original tall blue bottles of Arak gained iconic status.

Massaya’s Tanaïl Estate is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon’s wine hot spot, its slopes protected by Mount Lebanon and the Anti -Lebanon Mountains. Free of frost and disease, the Bekaa Valley enjoys a unique climate with long gentle summers, wet winters and an average temperature of 25 degrees; all in all perfect for viticulture.

The business itself is proud to be flying the flag of quality for Lebanon and have been making adjustments to emphasis their ethos, culture and heritage with pure Lebanese authenticity.

We currently have 3 Massaya wines on our menu for you to try; the Classic Rose, Silver label and Gold Reserve – all of which complement a meal perfectly. Come and try something a bit different that is sure not to disappoint.

Keep a look out for the next couple of weeks and we’ll investigate each of the Massaya Wines and Jon’s choice of dish to accompany them!

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